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Malaysia by the Numbers

May 20, 2013

This wraps up my coverage of our adventures in Malaysia!  Here are some final tidbits about our trip by the numbers.

# nights stayed: 6 (3 in KL and 3 in Georgetown)

# flights: 6 including connections

# meals of char kway teow: too few!

#water bottles consumed: at least 2 dozen (we are looking into reusable bottles with a built-in filtration system)

# temples visited: 5

Malaysia 051

Sri Mahamariamman Temple in KL.

# motorbikes dodged: countless

# nights of food poisoning: 2 (Ashley), 1 (WWW)

# monkeys seen: dozens

Gained courage long enough to take a picture of this monkey.

Gained courage long enough to take a picture of this monkey.

# different kinds of transportation taken: 6 (plane, taxi, bus, monorail, train, funicular lift)

# pictures taken: 486

# rainstorms caught in: 2

Mist descending on the hill and a shield of rain obscuring the city

Mist descending on the hill and a shield of rain obscuring the city

Favorite things: The food in Malaysia was some of the best I’ve had in all my travels and was a highlight of our trip!  I also loved the juxtaposition of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures, as well as the contrast of Buddhist and Hindu temples next to mosques.  WWW enjoyed the hyper-modern architecture of KL and the mega-malls.  Meanwhile, I found the remnants of colonial Georgetown fascinating.  Also, I don’t know if another boutique hotel is going to match our stay at Hotel Penaga.

Least favorite: Getting food poisoning in Little India from lukewarm buffet food (should have known better!).  The unexpected annoyances of staying at a famous high-class hotel in KL.

Most surprising: Both WWW and I were shocked to find how much we adored KL.  We decided to travel to Malaysia because the rainy season there is reportedly more forgiving than in other parts of Southeast Asia, but it had never been a country high on our list.  Also, many other travelers and travel bloggers have repeatedly discussed their lack of love for KL, so this part of the trip was a pleasant surprise.  I’m a convert!

Have you ever been to Malaysia?  What were some of the things that you liked, disliked, or found surprising?  Share in the comments!


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